Silk and Presence in India

     Indian silk has been popular all over the world for its sheer variety of designs, weaving and quality. This is largely due to the fact that India has the unique distinction of producing different varieties of silk. Silk is the most popular fabric for any apparel in India. Mostly, India’s traditional outfits like sarees and salwar suits of silk fabrics have huge demand.

     Silk sarees and salwar kamiz have a rich and a royal texture that distinguishes itself from any other fabrics. Silk apparels are worn only by the rich and royal families in ancient India. But now because of the ever mounting technology, silk garments are draped by all, which is a dream come true to many people. Variants of silk are more alluring and fascinating.

     There are four main varieties of silk produced by a distinct variety of silkworm feeding on a specific host plant. Silk is a protein fibre, produced by the silkworm for spinning around its cocoon. This fibre (filament) is unwound to obtain silk. Yarn is produced by twisting the fibre, which is then dyed, warped and finally woven to produce fabric. The present day silk weaving tradition in India revolves around sari, an ethnic dress that is worn in most parts of the country.

     The combination of shine and the glamour associated with silk has led to the creation of a myriad of traditional sari styles, with each region lending its unique flavor to Indian ethnicity. Silk producing areas in India

      Silk saris are often created with zari (fabric woven with thin gold and silver wires) work on them. The main silk weaving centers are Banaras, Surat, Chanderi, Murshidabad, Mysore, Assam, Kancheepuram, Tanjore, Dharmavaram etc. Banaras is one of the leading silk sari producing centers of India. It is known for its heavy gold-silver brocades. Hair thin wires of gold and silver are obtained by heating the metal and passing it through minute holes. These wires are then used with silk yarn for weaving. The Amru silk brocades of Banaras are not only famous in India but also abroad.

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