About Silk

      Silk is the finest of all the fibers, which is produced by cultivating the silk worms and later when the worms spun the cocoon, the filaments are unraveled. The silk worms, before spun into a cocoon, feed on mulberry leaves consistently. The silk worm increases their body size by feeding on these leaves. They increase nearly 10000 times their original size.

     The cocoons which are spun are soaked in hot water and then unraveled that produces filaments which are long and lustrous. These threads are also up to a mile long in their size. Now when the raw silk is derived, the process of removing sericin, which is the natural "gum" that protects the fibers and causes them to stick to each other as the cocoon was spun, is done.

     Silk is a natural protein fiber, similar to wool or to human hair. It is natural for silk fibers to have some indiscretion which are sometimes called "slubs". This is the nature of the 100% pure silk fabric of any attire like sarees or salwar suits. You can rely on this factor to identify a pure silk fabric.

     Silk filaments which are been processed can be woven or knit into a variety of fabrics. Since silk shrinks, it is pre shrinked when it is used for making garments. Silk often has a wonderful and rich feel, (referred to as a "hand"), and an almost shimmering sheen that makes us think of luxury and royalty. The weight of silk is referred to as "mm" – pronounced "mommy" – it varies within the different types of silk. One such popular fashion in variety is Tussar silk.


It has a rich coarse texture and robust look
It is light and breathable
It is refreshing and comfortable
It is delicate yet possesses stiffness
It has various natural shades, which are appealing.

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Tussar Silk

     Tussar silk, also spelled as Tushar, Tassar, and Tusser silk is the world famous silk variant. Also known as Kosa silk, it is produced from Tussar silkworms (Antheraea mylitta and Antheraea proylei), belonging to the moth genus Antheraea. These silkworms live in the wild in trees belonging to Terminalia species and Shorea robusta as well as other food plants found in South Asia.

     In order acquire the silk; the people kill the silkworms by drying the cocoons in the sun. There is a variation where the silkworms are allowed to leave before the cocoons are soaked in boiling water to soften the silk and then reeled, which is adored and admired method of animal lovers.

     Tussar silk is a lot more textured than cultivated silk as it is taken from a wild silk cocoon. It has shorter fibres, which makes it less durable. It has a dull gold sheen but still entices the women. Tussah silk is most often available in its natural color, a creamy tan. Because of its irregular slubs and the fact that it ravels easily, tussah should be dry-cleaned. It is a good choice for traveling as it doesn't wrinkle easily; it is soothing and makes you feel refreshed always.

Fame of Tussar silks

     Tussar silk is popularly referred and sold in the world market as “green silk” and “organic silk”. Tussar silk is majorly produced in India. Forty percent of Tussar silk is produced in West Bengal state. In West Bengal, Madla district and in Bihar Bhagalpur, stands ahead in its production. Some other states like Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa etc are involved in Tussar silk production. Tussar Silk is also used for Orissa’s Pattachitras and West Bengal’s Kantha stitches.

     More than a century old Tussar silk weaving industry in Bhagalpur has about 30,000 handloom weavers working on some 25,000 handlooms. The total value of annual trade is around Rs. 100 crores, about half of which comes from exports.

     In the global market, Tussar silk fabrics usually come from India or China. The India silk generally is more lustrous and glamorous. So it grabs a huge craze and demand. Tussar silk apparels which have precise finish and designer works are world famous. Online shopping for Tussar silks have tremendously increased. Tussar silk garments are exported to all the countries including USA, UK, Europe, Australia and others.

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