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Tussar Silk Salwar Kameez Online

      Silk salwar suits are known for their rich, royal, smooth and glamorous textures. Silk salwar suits are of many variants like Meghalaya silk, Tussar silk, crepe silk, chiffon silk, china silk, Uppada silk, Pochampally silk, gadwal silk, Jacquard silk, china silk, Pure silk, Kora silk, Charmeuse, Douppioni, Noil, Raw silk and Shantung.

     Tussar silk is one of the many popular variants of silk fabric. Tussar is often related to shantung (one of the silk variants). Tussar silk is produced from wild tussar silk worms. Tussar silk is more robust in comparison to other silk variants. It can be called with various names such as Wild silk, Tusser, Kosa silk, Tussah and Tusser silk.

     Tussar silk fabrics have dull natural gold color and rich coarse texture yet Tusser silk salwar suits are relatively cheaper and affordable. Tussar silk production is large in Malda and Bhagalpur districts of west Bengal and Bihar respectively. Tussar silk is also called as Bhagalpuri silk in Bihar. Although sarees are emphasized Tussar silk products, Tussar salwar suits have also gained popularity in the latest fashion trend.

     The Tussar silk salwar kamez comes in different natural shades. Tusser fabrics are better for high wear items. Tusser salwar suits are light weight, comfortable and breathable. So you can prefer tusser salwar suits to cottons also. Tussar silk is blended with other fabrics to produce designer Tussar silk salwar kamez. Indian Tussar silk salwar kamez with its lovely designs and color patterns are very popular globally. Tusser salwar suits can be well draped for any occasion. Bagh, dabu, floral design and Bagru block prints enhance the beauty of Tussar silk Punjabi suits. West Bengal Kantha embroidery is very famous on Tussar silk salwar and it is pretty well to wear for any occasion.

     Handloom woven Tussar silk salwar suits with benarasi mango Bootis and zari border dupattas are apt for daily casual, classy and corporate office occasion wears. Tussar silk shalwar suits saris in wide range of fancy colors with Indian ethnic printings are a new style of fashion statement and apt wear for traditional functions. Tussar embroidered silk salwar kamez which are decorated with kundhans, mirror works, sequins, beads and pearls are gracious wear for Indian wedding and bridal occasions

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